As of 2015, almost 15 percent of the US population was considered poor. This equates to over 45 million people, a number that has grown every year since the beginning of the 21st century. Why are so many people poor when the economy is booming and unemployment is at an all time low?

For many who face economic hardship, the answer lies in their opportunities to get a good job -- a job that fulfills them and provides a family sustaining wage.

INCO US seeks to accelerate individuals out of poverty and underemployment by offering training and accelerator programs aligned to the jobs of the future. We focus on emerging digital and green jobs, and facilitate learning so that our beneficiaries develop foundational skills and competencies that are essential in these fields.

Our ultimate goal is to launch each individual on a path to success by reducing their barriers to entry, creating a supportive community, and introducing the tools for success.


Million people are in poverty in the US


Black unemployment is at least TWICE as high as white unemployment nationally

Unlocking talent

INCO US, formerly known as CALSO Community Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to breaking barriers and creating community for under served and overlooked individuals so they can succeed in the future economy.

Across the world there are people with incredible talent, ideas, and the desire to succeed. Unfortunately, for many of these individuals their ambitions remain just out of reach because of circumstances beyond their control: geography, displacement, poverty, a lack of access to education and resources,  race and gender.

Our mission at INCO US is to serve these individuals directly.


To do this, we design and implement workforce development programs prepare marginalized job-seekers for the jobs of tomorrow. For those looking to set out on their own, our acceleration programs incubate their ideas so they can innovate for the planet.

Building a path to success



Women only hold a quarter of all tech jobs



Emerging entrepreneurs supported per year around the world



Women only hold a quarter of all tech jobs



20,000 marginalized job-seekers trained by INCO around the world



We focus on new industries, today primarily the digital and green sectors. Our programs are designed for individuals who want to start a career at the forefront of innovation.

INCO Incubators

INCO Incubators helps environmentally and socially responsible start-ups develop their businesses sustainably. INCO has incubator programs working with start-ups in more than 50 countries.

INCO Academy

INCO Academy’s training programs provide the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary to secure in-demand, high-opportunity jobs in the changing economy. INCO Academy provides equitable access to a portfolio of programs around the world.

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