Economic Recovery 2021
June 17: 10 - 12pm LA / 1-3pm NYC / 8-10pm London

Empowering  Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled the inequities of “business as usual” in the United States, up-ending our education and healthcare systems alongside jobs and care-taking.


Overwhelmingly, it has been women who have paid the price. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the workplace. Forced to choose between career and family - an ugly truth that exposes pervasive systems of patriarchy - women have been forced to leave their jobs in droves. From top earners to minimum wage workers, no woman has been spared. Without intervention, economists predict another 257 years until we close the global gender gap.


 The conversation 

This two hour virtual event, hosted by INCO, will first unpack

the crossroads in which we find ourselves, and reflect on the inequitable systems that got us here. We will then discuss the incredible opportunity ahead to build back better by investing in women and connecting them with the skills of the future.

As part of the discussion, our panelists - made up of policy makers, impact investors and community leaders -will share their perspectives on economic recovery through women’s empowerment.


 Investing in Resilience 

Women founders only receive 2% of the total share of VC-backed investments, despite performing 63% better than all-male founded companies. Leveling the playing field for entrepreneurship is the single most important thing we can do to build a better economy. What would a more equitable system look like?


Unlocking Opportunities 

STEM jobs continue to grow exponentially, many providing upwardly mobile career paths. However, women still only represent 25% of workers in high-value STEM careers like computing. Women of color represent just 4% percent. On the other hand, women are overrepresented in low-wage, low-mobility STEM jobs such as health aides. How do we shift the balance and ensure more women - and especially women of color – areempowered to thrive in high-opportunity careers?


 Work Reimagined 

Three - million women left their jobs in 2020, nearly twice the number of men. And although we seem to be on the other side of the pandemic, another 25% are considering leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers. Across race, culture, and socio- economic status, how do we ensure women aren’t forced backwards?



Ashley Gardiner

Head of INCO US

Jade Grieve
Strategy Advisor

Jordan Medina
Social Impact

Jeanette Duffy
Chief Program Officer

Pat Roe
Vice President,

Adeline Azrack
Managing Director, US

Jessica Hasselton
Director, Programs
Related Investments

Lindsay Crawford Dworkin
Vice President, 
Policy and Advocacy

Bailey Greenspon
Director, Programs
and Global Engagement



This virtual event has something to offer for anyone interested in building back better from the global crisis. Whether you are an employer, educator, investor, or displaced worker, we invite you to learn from our panelists, join the discussion and make valuable connections with a diverse audience.

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