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An online course for curious innovators and future-change makers looking to turn their positive social and environmental impact ideas into a reality. 


At INCO, we believe that if you have the vision, drive, and discipline YOU can become a successful impact entrepreneur.


This free course is intended for all aspiring social innovators - from San Francisco to Abidjan to Kigali to Paris - that are willing to put their entrepreneurial energy to work every day to make a positive impact on our world.

About us

01 - Why ?

Because becoming a successful entrepreneur shouldn’t be about where you went to University or who your family knows.

02 - For whom ?

For everyone, whether you are a young entrepreneur in the early stages of development or a seasoned entrepreneur.

3 - How ?

It's simple: the open access (i.e. creative commons) course is divided into 5 modules that can be done at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, and free of charge.

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Our modules

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